Happy Easter!

I hope that you enjoyed celebrating Easter yesterday with your family and friends.  We had a lovely day with a bunch of family at our house for lunch!  My post is a little late this week as my husband and I have been using the opportunity of a 4 day weekend to install a pond in our yard.  I thought that this would be a quick and easy job.  I was wrong.  It has taken many hours and lots of trips to the hardware store but we’re nearly there!  Fingers crossed by the end of today it will be done.  Sadly, today was going to be my crochet day but I’m so tired and sore from my efforts that even a crochet hook feels like it weighs a tonne!  Anyway, I have managed amongst all of this to create an Eater present for my baby niece who can’t eat chocolate yet!  I saw this sweet little pattern for a rabbit and knew it would be the perfect thing for her https://stipenhaak.blogspot.com.au/2012/11/konijntje-pluis.html.  The pattern is not in English, but even with a dodgy google translate, it was easy to follow and very quick to make up.  I love it!  It also forced me to go ahead with buying some poly pellets.  I have been considering it for awhile to use with my crochet creations but it has just seemed a bit too much trouble to do it!  However, I quickly realised that if I just stuffed this rabbit, the weight of it’s ears would just pull it over.  It really needed something to weight the bottom.  I put the poly pellets in a stocking and doubled it over a couple of times before knotting the top to make sure that the pellets don’t escape and it works a treat.  The little fellow stands up all by himself.  He also has a bit of a rocking motion if she wants to poke him and watch him roll around!  The present went down really well – an added bonus is that his ears are great for chewing on!  Now, back to the pond…..


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