Crochet Carry Bag


I love looking at projects that other people are making – just to admire them but more often than not to be inspired by them.  As a result, I follow a few facebook pages where people share their projects and I now have a list of projects that would take several lifetimes to complete!  One such project I came across was this lovely little bag that can be used either as a market bag or to take your book and sunnies down to the beach for a relaxing day!  I fell in love with it and had to start on it straight away.  The only problem was, the site it comes from is not in English!  I am quite pleased to say that by using google translate and the graphs that come with the pattern, I was able to translate it sufficiently to create it and I was very happy with the result.  I used a cotton yarn (allsorts from Lincraft) so it feels very strong and serviceable.  There are some holes in it, but they’re not too big, so I don’t think you would lose much out of them.  I ended up giving this bag to one of my good friends for Christmas but I loved it so much that I think I am going to need to make another one for myself!!  But in navy this time…….



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