Boho Bag

As the last installment of my festival themed posts, I decided to make a bag.  A boho, festival worthy creation that will be both practical and stylish.  In my search for a pattern, I came across one from A Creative Being and I knew I had found my bag!  If you search more on her blog, you can find one she made from Noro yarn, with subtle colour changes in the yarn and it is beautiful!!  I did not have the time to order Noro yarn (it’s frustrating living in a country where you have limited yarn selections in local stores!), but I remembered a beautiful yarn that I had had to purchase a few weeks before.  Yes, you read correctly, I HAD to purchase it – it called to me!  I was visiting my local Lincraft store and came across one of their ends bags.  The yarn was so beautiful, with rich, jewel tones and variegated to boot that I decided to buy it and was sure that one day the right project would come along for it.  That day came sooner than expected!  I started working on the squares and was so happy with the result – squares with slight colour changes!  Exactly what I was after!  The pattern is simple and so easy to follow.  Joining the squares was a little harder, just trying to get my head around where I wanted to place the colours etc., but it came together quickly enough.

The next task was to line the bag.  I chose to line mine in red.  I think the better colour choice would have been grey but I dislike handbags with dark linings – I find it hard to see things in your bag, so it’s hard to get out what you’re looking for.  So I bought red, and that was a learning curve in itself.  I sort of followed the instructions for lining the bag, although I left out the wadding.  In theory, it was quite simple – cut out the lining to fit with a bit extra for seams, sew down the sides and across the bottom, then fold over the top section and stitch it into the bag as you hem it (hopefully that makes sense!).  Because of the jagged v shaped top, I had trouble folding it over and pinning it into the bag at the same time, so I decided to hem the top and then stitch it into the bag.  This was where my learning curve kicked in.  Obviously, it needed to be attached to the bag using grey cotton as red would have stood out too much on the grey yarn.  However, that would have left a grey stitch line inside the red lining which also would not have looked too good!  In the end, I blind hemmed the lining in using grey thread.  it doesn’t show on the crochet and is barely noticeable inside on the red lining.  It’s actually quite a nice finish, very neat and one I will use in the future.  This is only the second bag that I have lined and the first one was quite difficult to sew the lining into the crochet – I broke a sewing machine needle and it wasn’t much fun.  I think hand sewing the linings in will be the way I go in the future!  Much easier!

Finally, with some handles sewn on (purchased on ebay) and some embellishments, it is done and I love it!  I can’t wait to begin using it and showing it off to everyone around!


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