Frida’s Flowers

So, I have a little obsession…Stylecraft Special dk yarn.  I discovered it a year or two ago and it’s become a small problem.  The problem is, it’s really hard to get in Australia! I have to order it online from the UK and then wait for delivery. Just recently, it was on special with great shipping prices so I just had to order some…..didn’t I?  I decided that I would order the yarn to make the Fridas’ Flowers CAL.  It’s something I have been wanting to try my hand at, and it seemed like the time to try it.  So, after the interminable 2 week wait, my yarn finally arrived! I could hardly wait to get my hands on this squishy goodness and begin this beautiful afghan!

However, it hasn’t all been smooth sailing.  I began with block 1 – white cosmos. It looks beautiful but my tension was way out. After changing hook size, it was much closer but still a little small.  So, I investigated the instructions for tension and came across a really handy link about lifting, riding and yanking Although I believe I am a rider already and it hasn’t fixed my tension problems, it was really interesting to learn how different crochet actions can affect your tension.  It amazes me that I can have been crocheting for so many years but still be learning new things!


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