Crochet Frenzy

We have just a few days to go before school holidays come to South Australia and I can’t wait!  It’s been a crazy term in our household – with a visit from my best friend who lives overseas, both kids starting netball, youngest child quitting netball, entering my crochet in two different shows and the normal chaos of running a home – and we’re all a little tired!  As a result, I’m finding myself a little frenetic with my crochet. Despite the numerous wip’s I already have on the go, I keep starting new ones every few days!  Whether it be due to the chaos of our lives or the focus I had to put into my show entries, I don’t know….

Anyhoo, it’s keeping me busy, and one day I’m sure I’ll finish them.  Most of them.  Maybe.

Which leads me to the point of this post.  For the last six weeks or so, I’ve been watching the evolution of the Peacock Tail Bag CAL by LillaBjorn’s Crochet World. To be honest, when I first saw it, I was just finishing up my show entries and I wasn’t a fan of the colours it was made in (don’t get me wrong, they’re lovely but not the kind of colours I wear), and it just looked too detailed for my fried brain to deal with.  However, as its progressed and I’ve moved from project to project and got my Crojo back, I’ve been starting to get an inkling to try it! Added to that, I’ve been seeing some colour combos being made that are more to my tastes and I could resist no longer!

So, I’ve bought my supplies and am ready to begin! It’s nice to be starting something smaller and more manageable that I (might) have a chance of finishing!  It’s also a much more portable project to drag to school swimming lessons next week!

Should you wish to join me in this CAL, the link can be found here and I’d love to hear and see how you go with it!


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