Yarn bowl attempt…..

I have been wanting a yarn bowl for some time now but have been unable to afford to purchase one online so I looked into ways to create my own. I came across the idea of making one out of yarn ends from this blog https://marrose-ccc.com/tutorials-2/yarn-ends-bowl/. I have plenty of yarn ends, and I hate the idea of wasting them by throwing them out, so I started saving them.  Finally, I have enough, and today was the day to try and see if I can get it to work!

Firstly, I gathered my yarn ends.  What a lovely rainbow of yarny goodness!

Next, I made the paste.  Using the recipe on the blog but substituting salt for sugar.  The longest part of the process was waiting for the paste to cool! (Although it allowed me the time to put the washing away….).

While cooking the paste, I prepared my bowl.  I wanted the curl for the yarn to pass through, so I fashioned the shape from alfoil! This is the part I’m not sure will work….

And finally, it was time to get messy!  It was fun forming the bowl, however, I think I might need to keep on molding it as it begins to dry to keep it in shape and stop it slipping down.  I’ll post a picture of the finished product once it’s dried and let you know of my success (or otherwise…)!


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