Mandala madness part 2

 Well, week 2 of the Mandala Madness cal is done! This has already been a fun yet challenging project! As I said in my last post, I love cal’s for the sense of community they bring but I also love them for challenging my skills and teaching me new stitches (we grow by trying new things!). This has done both so far. This second part looks deceptively simple but there was much frogging involved to get it right! I wonder what challenges the next installment might bring…….


10 thoughts on “Mandala madness part 2

    1. A cal is a crochet-a-long. There are several facebook sites that run them. It’s really cool seeing people all around the world doing the same thing you are – a global community!! It’s also nice to see what you’re working on in different colour ways – choices I often wouldn’t make myself but that look so fab!

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      1. I looked it up on Google while waiting for a response, thanks though. I don’t have a Facebook but I did find one that doesn’t require a FB on


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