Persian Tiles Blanket


Aaahhh….Janie Crowe’s Persian Tiles Blanket  I have been seeing these beautiful blankets for awhile now, and longed to make one, but couldn’t find a reason to do it.  I have finally found one!  So, I was so excited to order this beautiful pattern and wait for it to wing its way across the seas to me!  And, I am enjoying making it every bit as much as I thought I would.  The pattern is beautifully presented and very well written – my only issue with it is that it is written in uk terms and I am more familiar with us terms.  I am slowly going through and crocheting each round on all of the motifs to make it a little faster as I end up memorising what I am doing instead of having to check the pattern each round, and I long to see how beautiful it is once it is all complete.  I am also going to change one colour – I was guessing as to the best matches and got one wrong, so, in my perfectionist ways, I’ll order those last two balls so I can be completely thrilled with the end result!


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