Handbag Hassles!


I am a fan of colour!  I just love brightly coloured things, so I have decided to make myself a handbag that is not like anything that can be store bought and is a unique piece just for me!  I’ve decided to use cotton yarn to make it so it’s not so stretchy and is a bit more hard wearing than acrylic yarn.  I made the bag, adapting the ropey basket pattern by The Little Bee http://thelittlebee.co.nz/blog/2015/10/ropey-rainbows/.  I don’t hate how it turned out, but I’m not in love with it either.  I think the main problem is that it is too big.  At the time I was designing it, I was thinking about all I should put in it to carry around and I have since decided that carrying a lot of stuff around is not comfortable, so, stay tuned.  While I’m busy working on other projects, the back of my mind is still mulling over how to make this bag something I love!!  i have also started crocheting some flowers out of the same cotton (flinders cotton from Spotlight) to adorn this bag (when it finally meets my exacting standards) and make it fabulous!!


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