Temperature Blanket


This year, I have been working on a temperature blanket.  I have chosen a number of colours to represent brackets of temperature (eg, 21-25 degrees, 26-30 degrees), and each day, I am crocheting a yo yo (see previous post for information about yo yos!) that represents the temperature high of the day.  It began it’s life as a scarf, done in single crochet.  However, it was quite thick and stiff, and after a few weeks of working on it, I felt it wouldn’t really work, so decided to switch to my new favourite thing – yo yos!  I am also adding in a grey yo yo on days when it rains.  I have slowly begun joining them together and will have the beginnings of a blanket soon.  It is quite interesting to look at the weather in the form of colour.  I tried to mimic the colours normally associated with cold and hot with corresponding temperatures and I look forward to seeing how it changes as the year goes on and the weather changes.  Being Summer in Australia, it is mostly orange, red and yellow at the moment but we have had some sudden drops and then back up to the warmer temperatures that have made it more interesting to look at!



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