Yo Yo blanket


I rarely get super excited about something so simple, but I’ve come across an idea that has revolutionised my crochet world!!  I hate throwing yarn out – no matter how small a piece I have left.  I have so many small balls all wound up that are truthfully going to be useful for nothing but that I can’t bear to throw away because I paid good money for!!  Then, I came across this post https://kincavelkorner.wordpress.com/2016/01/07/the-other-yo-yo-blanket/.  In it, Lady Kell explains how to make a yo yo blanket from these odds and ends.  I crochet fairly tightly, and have calculated I only need about 1.85m (6ft) of yarn to make one yo yo!  I have now been through my stash and removed all of the yarn that won’t amount to anything else, and it is squirreled away in a little bag that I can take out with me for when I need to keep my hands busy but my mind free to think about other things!  It is quickly adding up to quite a pile, and, when I have enough, I will turn them into a blanket, probably in some kind of rainbow pattern…..but I’ll decide that when I’m done.  Now, when I get the the end of my ball of yarn, I excitedly ask myself – will it be enough for a yo yo??


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