New year tidy up!


Well, a new year has arrived, and with it, the feeling of fresh starts…..except for in my lounge room where I work on my crochet!  This area has a large plastic box full of one project, and covered in several others, a rocking chair similarly covered and an armchair!  Much as I have created this chaos, it isn’t conducive to me working, so it’s time to get it all tidied away!  So, I indulged in one of my other loves – gumtree (an online selling tool where you can buy just about everything!!), and bought a set of drawers to put in the corner of my lounge room to store all my WIP’s in (and there is always a few!).  This idea has worked a treat – now, everything is tidy and has its own place, and the drawers are within easy reach for me to access when I need to.  My work is also being kept clean, and away from sticky children’s hands or to be used as a comfortable place to sleep by the cat!! And so far, I haven’t had trouble filling the drawers with work on the go!  Now, I just need to tackle the cupboard in my husband’s study…..but that’s a job best left for another day!


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