A Blizzard in the Summer?



It’s been a hot few days in little ‘ol Adelaide.  Great for drying the washing, however you need to wear your thongs (flip flops) whilst at the washing line to avoid burning your feet on the concrete!  To think of cooler things, I thought I would share this gorgeous square I have recently completed.  It’s called Blizzard Warning! by Polly Plum and you can find the pattern over on her blog http://everytrickonthehook.com/2015/11/05/blizzard-warning/.  Although it looks very intricate and tricky, the pattern was easy to follow and has made up so beautifully that I’m trying to think of where to use it.  Making more for a blanket maybe…..  I’m sure one of my little “Frozen” fans would think a blanket made from this is the bees knees!


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