Play mat Crochet-A-long


I do a lot of browsing through crochet blogs (which is probably why my to do list is longer than my lifespan!!), and earlier this year, I came across this sweet little play mat made up of individual squares.  I loved the idea immediately, however, having two girls who aren’t really into playing with cars, I was stumped for a while as to who I could make it for.  Then it hit me… little nephew LOVES cars and trains and he had a birthday coming up.  So the work began.  It was a lovely, easy pattern to follow, and for the new stitches I hadn’t tried, the lovely host at Happy Berry had fantastic video tutorials that could be easily followed (and probably even easier if I crocheted right handed instead of left!).  I love being challenged by trying new stitches and techniques, and this one had those in spades!  The long grass was done doing the loop stitch, which I mastered after a few tries, and it was even tricky enough that I just couldn’t master the little pockets for the vegetable patches (hence no veggie patches on my mat!! Mostly a left handed problem I think!).  The pattern and tutorials can be found here


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